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Getting here is easy and low cost

We are here to help reduce the travel stress/burden. Please call us to discuss the best route for your circumstances.


Fly to Nice or Marseille

  • Flights - SkyScanner - Helps you find the lowest cost and most direct flights.
    • The lowest cost day to book a flight is Monday - Most airlines re-set their pricing engines mid-night Sunday and get more expensive as the week moves on.

  • Collection service - If pre-agreed, we can collect guests from the airport. We can also loan you our vehicles and provide a take-off shuttle and retrieve service

  • Airport bus from Nice - There is a great bus service from the airport - we will collect you from town

  • Airport bus from Marseille  - Timetable - The hop on the mountain train from Digne to Saint Andre or book a collection

  • Regional bus time timetable

  • Mountain railway from Nice - Catch the famous mountain railway with tremendous views. We will collect you from the station. NOTE: This train leavers from a small station to the north of the main station. It is about a 15 minute walk.
  • Hire cars - The nominated driver should zoom straight from the plane to the car hire center in Terminal2 (T2) to beat the queue.
    •  If you land in Terminal1 catch the regular, free, shuttle bus to T2
    • The car hire service is shocking and slow, regardless of who you book with!
    • In Winter check with us about the weather as you may need snow-chains. For most small hire cars we have chains here you can use to get to the ski resort. Please check the day before you leave.
    • Just take a deep breath, don't let it stress you. Accept the process and try to smile and roll with it.

Regardless of how you travel, know that you will soon be with us... try to see the funny side of your adventure, wine/beers will flowing soon and all will be good :-) Don't let "travel stress" ruin the start of your holiday.


Driving directions to A Little Piece of Heaven

Our address is: A Little Piece of Heaven, La Plaine, Route de Meouilles, 04170, Saint Andre Les Alpes


Do not trust the Sat Nav to get you to the doorstep. Most all try to take you through town and onto the "Chemin de Meouilles." This road is closed to vehicles.

Please call us to come and get you on +33 492 890 941 or follow these directions and see the diagram below:

  1. Aim for the large Super U (was Spar supermarket) along the main Nice/Digne road

  2. Turn in as if heading to the shop - Dont drive into the camp-site :-) - Keep right

  3. Carry on straight up/along the road, with the landing field on your right

  4. After a 250m straight the road bears sharp left, past Aerogliss PG school and then past some municipal buildings. Stay on this track to the fork and large carpark area

  5. At the fork - bear right/straight ahead - This twists up to an old wooden/steel bridge.
    If its very dark, stop the car and take a look. You will see the river. You need to cross this.

  6. The bridge is strong, cross the bridge, stay on road. We are first on the right.


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